The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Embracing the Solitude.....

Part of the appeal of boating is the high level of social activity around the marinas!  We have made some of our best friends at marinas in our boating adventures.  There is always something fun happening somewhere and exciting people to hang out with. 

On the other hand, an undeniably equally exciting but more beautiful side of boating is embracing the solitude of an un-crowded anchorage.  Nothing is more amazing than when the skies are clear, the winds calm and the water flat. From a warm summer’s day floating in the water, looking up at your own waterfront  home, to a cool Fall evening watching the colors change from brilliant orange to subtle pinks and purples, ending with a clear view of the Milky Way.  This unique opportunity to completely lose one’s self in the beauty of nature is the boater's own paradise. . 

Embracing the sounds. Listening to the music of nature.  Osprey screech as they swoop high above the trees.  Dolphin expel air as they break the surface of the water.  A dog barks in the distance.  The rhythm of the water finding the chines on the boat, or lapping on the nearby shore.

Embracing the light.  Starting with sunset onto the brightest and unending field of stars, to the visible satellites and international space station soaring past and yes the thousands of shooting stars, right up to the awe inspring sunrise!  And, when you are lucky, all of the colors reflect off the water as if mirror image.

Being at anchor in one of these most perfect moments, is your reward for all of the blood and sweat that goes into keeping your boat afloat.  It is these moments that make the long stretches from Monday to Friday worth it.  It is these moments that poets write sonnets about.  It is in these moments, shared with your most special someone, in which the best memories are made.

Be present in your current moments and embrace all that life has to offer at every possible opportunity!


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