The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Skinny Dippin'

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Time for a new adventure!!

Well, Today is February 3rd!  Sunday.  Super Bowl day.  The Steelers aren't playing so I'm really not caring one way or the other. 

Skinny Dippin' lost a crew member over the holidays.  First Dog-Mate Tivo died pretty peacefully of old age on New Years Day.  We miss him more than words can say.  But he did leave us with enough dog hair to remember him every day!  :)   I gave him strict instructions that when we are emotionally ready, he is to send us a new friend that will be as great a boat dog!  Rest easy sweet boy, you've earned your final rewards...whatever that may be. If there is a doggy heaven, I am sure there is a ton of ice cream there for you.

Skinny Dippin' will be starting a new adventure in just a few weeks!  We are relocating to Oriental North Carolina.  It's a 3 hour cruise east from where we are now(30 minute extra drive).  We love visitng Oriental and hope to spend some quality time in this quaint little town. It's known locally as the "Sailing Capital of NC".  I hope they're okay with a little trawler moving in for a while!  We don't make much of a wake...and go slower than many sailboats.

So far this winter we had the blister job done, the bottom paint, the salon floor refinished, new galley dinette table, new salon furniture.  Next up is a new autopilot that I will try to get the Cap'n to do a technical update for that.  We're also getting new and additional windshield wipers.  Next on my list is the annual brightwork on the rubrail..then a new flybridge surround, and in the spring will be recaulking the sundeck teak flooring.

The list of warm weather cruising starts of course with Morehead City, Beaufort, Cape Lookout, and....finally, this year.....we might make it to OCRACOKE!!!!  Being in Oriental, we will have easier access to those destinations as well as the Pamlico River, Alligator River - Pungo Canal and even up to Manteo!  We miss Tivo more than words can say....even when I say it over and over.....but we are looking forward to cruising without worry of where the best pee stops are. 

A brand new adventure is starting soon!  With the excitement of a kid awaiting summer vacation, I am counting the days!  And I've totally forgotten to even mention that this year, I am learning how to fish!!  I also want to get a couple of used Kayaks or SUP boards for use while at anchor on the weekends!

So as we sit in front of a roaring fire, I am dreaming of warm sunny days on the water,bright blazing sunsets over the water and still dark nights with skies full of stars. The world we live in is full of amazing and beautiful wonders around every corner.  Take every opportunity to drink in the beauty.  When you look at the sunset and think to yourself, "damn that's beautiful"....slow down for a second and let that beauty fill you up.  And then, when you get the chance, share that love, pay it forward to someone who sees the sunset, but who doesn't necessarily see the wonder.

Fair Winds my friends.  Now turn up the electric blanket for just a few more weeks.  Punksatawny Phil said we'll have an early Spring!  I sure hope he's right!!!



  1. Oh no. My deepest condolences. Poor Tivo. We have three big dogs aboard, and despite how frustrated I get with them at times, I love them all. There is nothing quite like the close bond between a human and a dog.

    1. Tivo was one in a million. He was such a sweet gentle soul. He loved everyone and truly knew how to be happy. He basked in the warmth of sunshine, he frollicked like no one was watching, and he spent time smelling the flowers in the garden. He will be missed always, and will always be with me.

      Thank you for checking in! I appreciate your visits!