The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Skinny Dippin'

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

End of Year Musings....

Happiest of Holidays to all of you!  Thanks for checking in again on the Adventures of Skinny Dippin’!  Our Holiday card may be a little familiar, but the sentiment has changed some due to current circumstances!!
 We hauled out on October 15th for a quick bottom paint job and hull wax.  Now, ten weeks later we are still waiting.  All previous yard managers have recommended that we have our blisters ground out and this time we decided to actually do it.  The first step was media blasting 20 years of paint build up off the bottom.  Step two was grinding out the big blisters. Step three was sitting and drying out for several weeks.  Step four was a fairing compound and more sanding.  Step five will be three coats of epoxy barrier coat.  Step six, coming next week after the holidays will be hard bottom paint.  We’re hoping to be back in the water next Friday, but the weather may very well hold us up further.  The weather has to be at or above 50 degrees for the epoxy barrier coat and hard paint to be applied.  So we will see how the next week goes.


While out of the water, Tom refinished the salon floors.  Eight coats of Rustoleum Urethane satin finish later, and we have a nicely finished salon floor. This is the last coat, still wet.

We thought about renovating the head while out of the water, but ran out of time and motivation.  Driving 140 miles each way while only  doing projects is taxing on one’s mental health.  We will attempt that when back in our marina!  I’m also about to make a new galley table.  The big V-berth drop down table is difficult to get in and out of for eating.  So I’m making a nice little round table that will be much more user friendly. 

While we’ve been out of the water, I’ve been thinking about what comes next.   For a few months this Fall we had considered upgrading to something a little larger, maybe a little faster.  But for now, Skinny Dippin’ will continue to be our current adventure.  Maybe I thought,  it’s just time for some new surroundings again. 

The beauty of a coastal cruiser is being able to choose different home ports based solely on where we want to be and how far from home are we willing to drive!  Southport NC is on a very short list of possible short term homes for Skinny Dippin’. 

Southport is a great location with easy short cruises over to Bald Head Island, Wrightsville Beach, Myrtle Beach and a little further away is Georgetown SC.  I’m currently trying to talk some of our New Bern friends into coming with us!  We love New Bern and the cruising grounds around the Neuse River and Beaufort Inlet.  But mostly what keeps us there is the people we’ve met and come to hold dear.  At the same time, I think I might like to spend some time in Southport to get to know the town better. 

Or, do we stay on the Neuse for another season and hope for better weather windows this year?  Only time will tell for sure!  Either option is a great one, and one we will look forward to with great anticipation as another boating season arrives.

For now, enjoy the last of your holidays and remember to love your friends and family.  Be kind to yourself, to others and to our mother earth.  Walk softly and smile often.
Here are some warm thoughts for you....


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