The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Skinny Dippin'

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Random Ramblings

November 4th, 2012

Can you believe it is November already?  Time flies by faster and faster every year.  I apologize for not posting anything interesting to read in recent months.  I have felt truly uninspired.  Most of our Summer boating adventures were minimized due to high winds, or summertime storms. There simply weren’t any great adventurous cruising weekends to share with you.  We still spent every weekend on the boat, yet there wasn’t a lot of boating being done.   There is nothing wrong with being a dock queen, but actually getting out on the water is good for your soul.

I have sat down several times over the last months trying to come up with something, anything to share.  But nothing sounded remotely interesting. 

I’m feeling quite uninspired even now.  We delivered Skinny Dippin’ to the boatyard on October 14th.  We wanted to get a quick bottom paint job and new zincs.  She was going to be out for 2 weeks.  Not because it would take that long, but because we only have weekends to move her back and forth.  So when the workers started finally, they thought they were doing a blister job, not a simple paint job.  When the yard manager noticed they started the wrong job, he stopped them and called Tom.  He offered to go ahead and fix what they had started and do the job we hired for.  Or, we could go for the full job and he’d give us a deal since it wasn’t what we had planned.  We’d have to be out of the water for 6-8 weeks to have it done properly.  Are you kidding?

After the shock wore off, we decided to go ahead and get it done.  She will be media blasted, the blisters ground out and filled, barrier coat, hard paint, and ablative paint.  She’s also getting her hull waxed and a prop job.  That’s what the yard is doing.  While she’s out, we will also be refinishing the teak salon floors, reupholstering the sofa, adding storage under the sofa, new sink and counter in the head, and possibly a full remodel of the head.

Acceptance came upon me today on the drive home from the yard.  My boating season was over.  I was really looking forward to some Fall boating.  We’re going to miss the rest of this season.   But the work done will help her hold her value, and will make her stand out and above other boats of her size and class.

The life of a lucky old trawler is being loved so much by all who own her, that each owner brings her new life and new energy.   When Skinny Dippin’ is back in the water, she will have a new bottom, a new bath, shiny teak hardwoods and new stateroom carpeting.  This old gal is slowly being renewed yet again.  So that she, can bring us many more years of boating happiness, and all who come after us!

I will document the work being done, and the work we will do.  Perhaps it will be helpful to our fellow boaters.  Maybe it will be interesting to read about for those not on the water.  I will also try to come up with some awesome new adventures for 2013!

In 2011, we hauled out for a hurricane and got the bottom painted.  In 2012 we hauled out for bottom paint and had a hurricane.  The NC Inner banks faired very well.  The Outer banks had some damage.  We all send hope and best wishes to the folks in New York and New Jersey.  We know what you are going through.  You can get through this. Your pain is real, and it's heartbreaking. The power will come back on.  The flood waters will recede.  Any tragic event like this is a good reminder that life is short.  Love your family and friends.  Be kind to your neighbors.   Treasure everything that today has to offer.  Even if it is the uninspired ramblings of a frustrated boater!

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