The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Skinny Dippin'

Sunday, June 17, 2012

South River Weekend   

As you have heard, our cruising plans this season have been quite challenging.  Mother Nature has not been our best friend.  We planned a three day weekend this past week, with Tivo staying at home for some pool time with our friend and neighbor.  With him safely cared for, we have free reign to do whatever we want!  As the weekend approached, I personally kept waiting for the weather to go to crap, as it has every other weekend this season. 

I sent emails to all of our cruising buddies to invite them to “not” come along.  It was my “anti” plan.  If Mother Nature didn’t know we were planning something, she couldn’t ruin it for us.  None of our friends were able to join us, so we were totally on our own!

Saturday Morning dawned clear and calm, the perfect start to the weekend.  We left about 9am for a 35 mile cruise down river.  We stopped off at Northwest Creek Marina to get some fuel and a few provisions.  We chat for a minute with our friends who are destined for projects this weekend then we are off for our adventure!

This is our first visit to South River.  It’s near the end of the Neuse, where it joins the Pamlico Sound.  We explore all the way up South River and into West Creek.  After some serious nature watching, we turn around and settle in near the State dock.  We are safely anchored and ready for relaxing by 3 or 4pm.   It’s so quiet and peaceful here.  The water is littered with Jellyfish.  Too many for even  a quick swim!

We’re both super surprised that on this beautiful weekend, we are one of two boats anchored out here.  Tom had a good time playing mosquito badmitten.  I turned in for a nap so I could enjoy the stars at night, but accidently slept all the way through! 

Sunday morning we cruised across the Neuse River and explored Lower Broad Creek before heading to Oriental for the evening.   We went over to the new Trawl Door at the Harbour Marina for a beer or two.  We had the opportunity to meet the new owners.  They’re a neat couple who just retired from farming.  They have a 60ft Sportfish that they cruise Mexico with every winter. 

Our friend and cousin joins us for a drink then it’s on the M&M’s for the best brisket I’ve ever had.  After dinner we retire to the sundeck of Skinny Dippin’ with Andy for Dark&Stormies.  Andy is in his home town, and holding court on our sundeck.  It’s really quite amazing to be a part of this scene.  People come and go.  Some come aboard, some carry on conversations from the dock.  This is literally a town where everyone knows your name.  After Andy retires for the evening, we walk over to the Tucan for a few lighter beverages.  We meet some of our dock mates for the evening and spend a few hours talking about everything and anything!  What a great time!

Monday is a 3 hour cruise back to New Bern.  There’s always something sad and boring about the trips home.  The weekend is over.  This dream life we have on the water has to turn back into reality with jobs and bills.  Just a few more years of leading the double life, before we can throw caution to the wind and simplify. 

Next up is a week long vacation aboard Skinny Dippin’!  Weather permitting, we’ll either cruise to Ocracoke or Cape Lookout.  Looking forward to some more fun new stories to tell!

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