The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Skinny Dippin'

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a winter I am having so far!! Before the new year, before the winter solstice, we were out boating on a beautiful December Saturday. It was December 10th. This was the first mini cruise with our new fly bridge enclosure. We were heading to Oriental to see their Holiday Flotilla. About 3 miles from our marina, Tom remembers that he hadn’t checked the fuel filters. So he runs down to take a looksey. Yep…there’s visible gunk. Now, we could make it to Oriental and back probably just fine. We have TowBoat, so even if we did get stuck, we were prepared.

After thinking about it, we decide to head back to the home slip. We’ll change the filters and do some holiday shopping in downtown New Bern. But first, we’ll swing by the Galley Store for a gallon of diesel fuel to prime the filters with. We were coming in to a portside tie, no help at the galley store and a good head wind right on the bow. I prepare my lines to be accessible from amidships once I’m on the dock. I get a loose tie on the bow line, hoping Tom will spring forward, while I turn to grab the stern line. The bow line grabs my ankle and flips me head over heels. As I hit the deck, I roll over my hand, hyper extending three of the four fingers on my right hand, breaking the ring finger with a hairline fracture. I can’t really feel my hand. I grab that stern and get the boat somewhat secured. Then next thing I do is wiggle my fingers. I can see them move, but still can’t really feel them. I press down on them so to “crack” them…you knuckle crackers know what I mean. Evidently I had dislocated a few and this cracking popped them back into the right alignment.

We did get back to our marina, as I made some bloody mary’s and kept ice on my hand, Tom googled how to tape a broken finger. We got taped up and headed off for Christmas shopping. Along the way we stopped at MJ’s for oysters and Fat Tires, and a bag of ice for the hand. J

Saw the Doctor that Monday and yes, it was broken. Yes, also some ligament damage. Two months later, I’m still struggling. It’s starting to move, but very limited mobility.

January has come and gone…February is almost too. Tom is getting ready to replace the AC and anchor wash down pumps. I’m making mosquito screens for nights at anchor. After the new pumps, he’s got new batteries and electrical “stuff” to install. Clyde Carter is currently polishing the old gal to a shiny finish. When the actual season gets here, we should be free and clear to enjoy some serious boating.

You know it’s funny. The first year we spent all of our time learning how to be boaters. The second year was learning how to explore and navigate with our mini cruises. This third year has been all about truly making her ours and bringing her into this decade! She at least will be ready when our chance at the Bahamas comes. It might take us another 5 years, but she’ll be ready when we are!

April will have us cruising somewhere for Easter weekend with friends from the Marina. May will have us watching the Cherry Point air show from our “secret anchorage” with friends from Northwest Creek. I am hoping June brings us to Cape Lookout and July to Ocracoke. August is Pirates in Beaufort.

September is the MS150 in New Bern. This year I have committed to riding a minimum of 100 miles with Team CBC to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. If anyone would like to support me and my team in our efforts to find a cure for MS, here is the link to my fundraising page:

That’s the update for today! Boating season is almost upon us! Have fun getting ready and stocking up for summer! Remember to add to your shopping list, finger splints, and flexible self sticking tape. Better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

See you on the water soon!


  1. Ouch! That doesn't sound good at all!

    What do you mean by "boating season is almost upon us"? We left Annapolis in January are are boating our way south, currently in Savannah. Hey, we're from upstate New York, and if the water ain't frozen, it's boating season!

    We skipped New Bern on our way south, hope to hit it up on our way north. We have a friend there who says the daffodils are blooming already.

    I hope your broken finger heals up soon.

    1. True enough! True boating season to me is being able to drop the anchor and jump in the water! I guess I should say swimming season. Doing that now would not have a happy result! But you are correct, boating season is whenever you can go boating! Have a great trip and be safe out there!!