The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Skinny Dippin'

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Warm Winter Thoughts......

January 12, 2012
Can you believe it? It’s January 2012 already. Since I last updated you on our progress, I have finished the Flybridge enclosure and Tom has finished refurbishing the salon doors. Skinny Dippin’ is looking quite spiffy.

We have had an incredibly mild Winter season so far. Boating every weekend has been totally possible. We took the Holiday week off from boating and paid a little attention to our land based home. A bathroom renovation was completed in 7 days.

Tom is getting ready to update the electrical systems and bring the charging system into the new millennium. New Batteries, charger, invertor are all in the cards. We’ll be able to anchor out for days on end when he’s finished. (yes Tivo, days on end as long as there is a beach nearby!)

Spring cruising plans should take us to Manteo, Belhaven, Bath, perhaps Washington NC. Orcacoke will be visited at least once this season…and a week at Cape Lookout could totally happen.

As we try to keep warm and tell ourselves that we need a few cold days to minimize the summer mosquito population, we know that in reality, we wish that we were with our friends who were able to cruise this year. We follow their adventures with bated breath knowing-hoping that someday soon we’ll follow in their wake. Please don’t eat all the conch fritters…save some for us. We miss you guys…have fun out there…be safe…and we’ll keep the home slips warm.

Stay warm ya'll....boating season is just two or three months away!!

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