The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doing nothing and Loving it!

October 18 2011

Sometimes, you just have to slow down, forget the projects, and toss off the dock lines. We’ve been so immersed in this project or that for the past two months, that I was feeling the need to just stay home and stay in bed. But this past weekend was forecast to be mid 70’s and as clear as could possibly be. So Tom promised me a weekend without work. an overnight at a quiet anchorage and a cold frosty beverage. How could I pass on that?

Tom has planned for us to anchor right off of Camp Seagull. It’s just East of Minnesott Point and should be a good anchorage with a light west wind. I’m very excited to anchor at this little beach and be able to walk the dog along the sand. As we nosed up to the camp, it was clear that this was not enough protection from 10-15 knots of west wind. So we cross over the river to the South side. There’s a little anchorage spot there right at the ferry terminal on the south side of the river. Nope, not enough protection here either.

Next stop is Club Foot Creek. We haven’t anchored here before. Who am I kidding? We’ve anchored in Oriental Harbor, Union Point Park in New Bern, and at the South side Ferry Terminal. Our Anchoring out has been very limited. If this isn’t ideal, we’re going to Oriental.

We poke around Club Foot. The protection is good. Where can we pee the dog? There’s one little spit of land, that is probably protected at gunpoint…but it could work. We get the anchor set and look around. There are folks sitting over there on their dock enjoying the afternoon. Tom jumps in the dinghy and goes over to ask where the best place to pee Tivo would be. These sweet people say, bring him over, he can pee here - no problem! They have a nice floating dock and we’re welcome to visit.

With a nicely set anchor, a place to pee the dog and a variety pack of Sam Adams seasonal brews….We settled in for a beautiful night of doing nothing. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of this story. The following morning is a pumpkin spice coffee before hauling anchor and heading home. What a fabulously boring weekend! Can’t wait to do that again!

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