The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
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Monday, August 22, 2011

August Adventures!!

August Updates!! August 12-14 has us in Beaufort NC for the annual Pirate Invasion! What made this year special was Jimmy & Deb and Dan & Suzanne from Carolina Beach came to join in the drunken debauchery!! Danny also brought along Steve and Sally from New River. Jay and Emily also joined us on Saturday! This year’s event brought many more recreational boaters to Beaufort, than I remember from last year. Being on the Beaufort Town Docks is the only way to truly experience pirate weekend!

We left our home port on Friday morning at 8am. Our marina is right at the confluence of the Neuse and Trent rivers. There is a draw bridge that we must go through in order to journey down the Neuse to…well, anywhere! The bridge is usually on request openings, but sometimes, like during “rush” hour it’s on the half hour. We literally pulled out of our slip at 8am, right on schedule, only to get stopped 100 yards out of our slip by the bridge.  The bridge clearance on this morning was 17 feet. We nosed right up to it to see how close we are. Unfortunately, we were very light on fuel, and a little light on water, and because of that, we needed at least 17.5 feet to get under. Darnit….had to wait for the 830am opening!!

The cruise down river was uneventful, just a peaceful cruise.

We arrived in Beaufort pretty much right on schedule at 2pm. We always try to arrive here at a slack tide. The current runs quick through Taylor’s Creek, docking can be quite tricky! We ran out to our favorite novelty store for a great big pirate flag!  Beaufort is such a pretty little town, with great restaurants and fun bars.

We spent two days with our friends and headed back home on Sunday. The weather was forecast for possible severe weather. We figured we should at least try to get half way home before it started. We almost made it the whole way home before the rain started. Then as we waited for our bridge to open, it stopped long enough to get tied up at our home slip!!

During the next few days at home, I worked on my current canvas project! I’m making exterior Sunbrella window coverings. I’ve got the front and forward side windows done. Tom helped me install all the snaps this most recent weekend, the 20th.

Now we are awaiting our first hurricane as boat owners. On Wednesday this week, we will most likely haul her out to sit out the storm in our favorite boatyard. If that happens, we’ll probably take the opportunity to get some fresh bottom paint.

More adventures to come!! Keep your fingers crossed that Irene doesn’t come to visit!

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