The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Skinny Dippin'

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What I did on Summer Vacation, by Tivo - First Dog MV Skinny Dippin’

I love weekends! Every Friday Mom comes home from work, Dad loads up the car and we all drive to my floating sofa…they call it a boat. I always get the back seat to myself, with one or two of my toys and my favorite blankets. We usually snack all the way there. Really keeps my mind off the car ride.

We take morning walks along the waterfront in New Bern, past Union Point over to the boat launch. There’s this little beach where I like to run really fast up behind the ducks and seagulls and make them all scatter! It’s a lot of fun. Then we walk back through the park and growl at the bear statues. Once I’ve scared all the wildlife in town, I walk my people back to the boat. I get to meet many new friends along the way that are also out walking their people.

One day last week, we went boating and spent a few hours putting around the river. I heard Mom and Dad talking to some people on the radio, asking if the anchorage they were at had a place to “pee the dog”. My ears really perked up, because peeing is kinda important to me. It’s a lot like email and face book for people. When they found out there was a place like this, we headed right there!! It was a cozy little anchorage just east of Cherry Point and south across the river from Minnesott Point. There were a lot of people from my old duck hunting grounds there. My people got in the “peeing ferry” and motored over to one of the sailboats for something called sundowners.

Mom and Dad came back and loaded me into the ferry for a trip to the beach. They call it the “dinghy dog dance”. There were dolphins playing around us as we motored over. I’ve never seen fish that big that close. It was amazing. After our trip to leave peemail, everyone came over to our boat for more sundowners!

We also went to a place where really big boats go…Morehead City Yacht Basin. Mom and Dad really like this place so they can walk to dinner. They tried out a new place called the City Kitchen on 11th street. They said it was amazing.

I really like when they go to dinner, or the store. When I can’t hear them anymore outside the boat….I sneak down to the stateroom and stretch out on the big bed. The air conditioning output blows right at the bed…and it’s a great place to relax and wait for the next adventure.

On the way home from Morehead City…we got caught in a huge rain squall. Me and Dad went to the living room. Dad has a steering station there. Mom stood out on the bow with the binoculars looking for the next navigation aid. She’d run inside for a second and check the chart, then run back outside and point dad in the right direction. She was soaked. I’m not sure why she put on a rain coat….seemed like it wasn’t working too well.

I love my people. No matter what their next adventure is, they always bring me along. And every morning before I have to walk them….they let me get up in the big bed for a morning snuggle. (don’t tell them I get up there when they’re not looking too)

I really like our new parking spot too. There are so many other boat dogs there. They are all really friendly so far. I rarely have to growl at anyone. Just a quick sniff and wag, and we’re off to our people walking again.

When we’re not out on the water, Mom and Dad do a lot of projects. Dad puts me on the sofa and opens up the floor. Mom calls this space the “yelling hole”. Dad swears a lot when he’s in the hole.

I get a little nervous about him being in there….but he usually comes out after a little swearing and a lot of sweating. Mom’s projects are usually some sort of teak renovation or cleaning or polishing or redecorating. Don’t tell her, but she should really do some of that stuff at our house too.

Boating is fun. I’m not a huge fan of the water…but I’m happiest when we’re all together. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing. I love that they always try to include something for me…be it walking the beach or scaring the ducks. They always have cookies nearby to snack on. I love my people. I think I’ll keep them.

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