The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Skinny Dippin'

Monday, June 20, 2011

Settling into our new Home!!

The thing about New Bern is, when the weekend is over, you never want to go home. There is something about this place. I’m not sure what exactly it is. It’s got to be a combination of the fabulous marina staff, the welcoming boat-centric community, the somewhat protected waters we cruise, and the amazing people in our Marina.

Tivo could probably tell this story better than I. When we arrived without him on Memorial Day weekend…I felt like he was really going to like it here. There are a ton of ducks to chase, and so many other dogs that are all so friendly and waggy. Everyone loves each other. A sniff here, and a ruff there. Everyone is friends. He’s never been around so many friendly dogs. Heck, neither have I!

We spent the first weekend at the new Marina doing projects. Tom painted the sundeck rooftop and I refinished the hatch frames over the galley and also the stern hatches. To cover actual boating, we took Tivo for a dinghy ride to do some duck hunting at eye level!

We met a ton of new friends, so many that it will take a while to get all the names right! So when I call you by the wrong name, forgive me for a little while!

The second weekend at the New Bern Grand would be a marina pot luck day! This is a great opportunity to meet more marina neighbors and eat too much! We went for a little bike ride in the morning, then a little boat ride up the Trent River. We arrived at the potluck just a little late!

After the lunch, we jumped in the dinghy to go over to the store around the point. On our way, we spied a familiar looking trawler at anchor in the Neuse River. We decide to buzz the boat and see if it’s who we think it is! As we get a little closer to the 34ft Marine Trader Europa, we can see Jay on the aft deck. It is Al Dante! Jay and Emily are here! We stop to visit for a little while and catch up. We do leave too early, but the Neuse was getting pretty choppy and the horizon was looking too threatening to be out in our 8ft inflatable. We hit the Galley Store and try to get back to Skinny Dippin’ before the weather turns!

We arrived back to the boat safely. I spent the afternoon dusting and doing little projects while Tom tested out the sofa. After I turned in for the night, we had some more friends from NWC come to visit. I’m sorry I missed Bill, Bob and Mona that evening!

Sunday was bath day for Skinny Dippin’. I spent 5-6 hours seriously scrubbing every exterior inch. It’s been a while since she had a good detail job, and I was happy to do it. This old girl deserves a little pampering now and then. And she looks so good clean. (I’m talking about the boat here)

We are happy to be settling in! And we’re about to plan another week long cruise! Not sure where we are going. I’m thinking Bath and Belhaven…or Oriental, South River and Ocracoke. But you can’t go too wrong with Beaufort, Morehead City and Cape Lookout. As we get closer to weather forecasts, We’ll decide. Keep an eye out for the next big cruise.!!

To old friends and new, Thank You so much for being a part of our adventure….you’re being here means more than you know.

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